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At The Crafted Bone, we encourage you to share the passion of craft beer with your dog!  

Give them one of our gourmet beer grain bones - they will lick you for it!

All of our bones are made by hand, baked in our home, tested by our dogs, and packaged by us, so satisfaction is always guaranteed!

What are Beer Grains?

Simply put, beer grains (aka: spent grains) are the leftover grains from the beer brewing process.  When brewing beer, the first major step is to steep grains in hot water.  Brewers call this "mashing in", but think of it more like making oatmeal at home.  The grains are then strained out and are considered "spent grains".  The remaining liquid continues down the brewing process to ultimately become beer.  We use the spent grains to make these delicious treats for your dog!  The grains are mainly made up of barley, but may also include grains like oats, wheat, and rye (depending on what type of beer is being produced).  There is never any corn, rice, hops, alcohol, or preservatives in the grains we use.  Spent grains are an excellent source of protein and fiber for your dog.  

What makes our grains special?

All of our spent grains are sourced from our amazing local breweries in the St. Charles and St. Louis areas.  The grains are separated and kept specific to each brewery and style of grain/beer - so 100% of the grains used to make the treats in any given bag, come from the specific brewery and style listed on that bag!


These dog bones will last for at least 4 months in a sealed bag at room temperature.

These bones are intended as an occasional treat for your dog, not to replace their routine food.

Ingredients: Spent grains, flour, natural peanut butter, eggs

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude Protein (min) = 15%

Crude Fat (min) = 20%

Crude Fiber (max) = 10%

Moisture (max) = 10%

We are licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and our treats are analyzed by an independent laboratory.

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